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Thinking big

Abu Yazid holds a regular burger beside his 1.5kg YB burger.

Publication Date : 05-06-2012


When Abu Yazid Abdul Kadir started selling Ramly burgers besides the road in Ipoh city some 14 years ago, he did not foresee the craze Malaysians would have for his home-made, mega-sized burgers.

The 32-year-old is now known for his burgers that weigh anything from 250g to 1kg, depending on the order.

He specialises in making super-sized burger patties, complete with his own sauces and bread selection that includes wholemeal, garlic and honey oat.

It all started in February when a friend of him asked Abu Yazid to make him a 2.5kg burger cake' for his birthday and uploaded the photos on Facebook.

“Many commented on the photo, saying it was a hoax or photo-shopped because no one could believe a burger that size existed,” he said at his Yazid Burger outlet at the Medan Selera food court in Shah Alam yesterday.

“Once I became familiar with the techniques to make a tasty burger, I began to toy with the idea of making huge burgers after watching the Man vs Food series.”

Abu Yazid's business which operates daily from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. picked up after a food blogger reviewed his creation, resulting in his Facebook and Twitter followers to double after that.

Due to the increased popularity, Abu Yazid allows customers to deposit money into his account with orders so that they do not have to wait in queue for hours for his meaty delights.

“I never thought it would become this popular,” he said. “I offered other delicacies in my menu but everybody wanted only my burgers.”

Abu Yazid is taking his business a step further by starting his own Man vs Food burger-eating competition.

“The grand prize winner gets a franchise outlet.”

The competition, which would eventually pit 15 customers against each other to chomp a 2kg burger in 40 minutes, has, however, only had one person who could successfully eat a 1.5kg burger in 30 minutes during the preliminary rounds.

A participant Yusoff Derahman, 31, was disappointed that he could not finish the burger.

“I will try again once I've thought of a better strategy.”


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