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Myanmar president cancels visit to Thailand

Publication Date : 02-06-2012


Myanmar President Thein Sein has cancelled his state visit to Thailand scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

The president's website said the visit had been postponed due to some inconveniences.

'The trip will be arranged later at a time convenient to both sides,' said the brief statement without elaborating.

The cancellation comes even as sources said a Cabinet reshuffle was imminent in Myanmar.

This is the second time Thein Sein has postponed his visit to Thailand, nearly a week after first pulling out of the two-day World Economic Forum (WEF) in Bangkok, which opened on Thursday, where he was slated to speak. He then delayed his visit to Thailand to next week.

Sources close to Myanmar's government told The Straits Times then that the president's office was taken aback on learning that democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi would attend the WEF.

She has taken the limelight at the forum. Speculation was that Thein Sein put off his attendance at the WEF because he feared being upstaged by Suu Kyi at the event, her first trip outside Myanmar since 1988.

At the WEF yesterday, Suu Kyi said the president was sincere about reforms but "has to contend with the army."

The reformist Thein Sein, 66, is known to be fitted with a pacemaker and is often said to be in fragile health.


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