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Brunei 67th on global tourism list

Publication Date : 31-05-2012


Brunei was ranked 67th in the latest tourism competitiveness report, which placed the Sultanate in a group that demonstrates "clear strengths counterbalanced by weaknesses".

The analysis is underpinned by the World Economic Forums Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index, which ranks 139 economies according to their performance in areas that make investment in developing the T&T sector attractive.

Asean member countries span the entire rankings, according to a press release from the World Economic Forum. Singapore, the highest placed nation in the bloc, ranks 10th out of the 139 countries. Next are Malaysia (35th) and Thailand (41st), which do well despite some weaknesses.

"A third group, consisting of Brunei Darussalam (67th), Indonesia (74th) and Vietnam (80th), demonstrate clear strengths counterbalanced by weaknesses," stated the press release.

Both the Philippines (94th) and Cambodia (109th) present shortcomings in most dimensions.

The Asean Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2012, released yesterday at the Travel, Trade & Tourism Summit held in Bangkok prior to the World Economic Forum on East Asia, analyses the relative strengths of the travel and tourism sector in Asean countries and makes recommendations on how to further unleash the potential of T&T in the region.

The report stresses the critical role of T&T in accelerating the establishment of the Asean community. It reviews the efforts and initiatives by Asean member countries to collectively develop the sector. "Travel and tourism is not only a critical driver of economic development and social progress. It also represents a formidable factor of regional integration," said Brge Brende, the managing director of the World Economic Forum in a statement.

"By improving connectivity and mobility, travel and tourism contributes to creating a regional identity, a sense of Aseanness among citizens."

The rankings are based on data covering 14 areas: policy rules and regulations; environmental sustainability; safety and security; health and hygiene; prioritisation of T&T; air transport infrastructure; ground transport infrastructure; tourism infrastructure; ICT infrastructure; price competitiveness in the T&T industry; human resources; affinity for T&T; natural resources; and cultural resources.

"What is good for the travel and tourism sector is good for the economy and vice-versa," explained Thierry Geiger, lead author of the study.

"Beyond cultural and natural heritage, the underlying drivers of T&T development are often the same as those of other sectors. Think of quality infrastructure, the ease of setting up a business, the absence of crime, or the availability of a healthy workforce," he said.The Brunei Times


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