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High-end technologies highlight Busan Auto Show

Hyundai’s i-onic

Publication Date : 24-05-2012


The Busan International Motor Show 2012 kicks off on May 24 at BEXCO in Busan, and will feature global green car technologies, organisers said.

While chief executives of global carmakers are scheduled to hold a series of press conferences Thursday, the auto fair will be open to the public for 10 days starting Friday.

This year’s fair is expected to be 62 per cent larger compared to the previous show in 2010 and be the largest ever. The event will feature a group of futuristic, eco-friendly vehicles, according to the organising committee.

It will showcase 173 vehicles, encompassing 150 different models in total, produced by five local automakers, three commercial vehicle companies and 14 foreign automakers.

Under the theme “The Voyage of the Green Car across the Ocean”, the 11-day convention will feature futuristic, environment-friendly vehicles reflecting the green-energy trend in the automobile industry.

Embracing the “green car trend,” each automaker will unveil its models concentrating on energy-saving technology in the age of expensive gas and diesel.

Generally referred to as “concept cars, 11 futuristic cars will be debuted by eight local carmakers. Among these concept cars, two models will have their world-debut, three an Asia-debut and six a local premiere.

Hyundai Motor Company, the country’s largest automaker, said it would unveil several future-oriented cars including HND-7/Hexa Space, the i-oniq HED-8 and the Santa Fe concept car. The convention will be the formal debut stage for the local market.

The HND-7/Hexa Space, equipped with hexagonal seats arranged in a honeycomb pattern, optimises its interior space in the design. The i-oniq HED-8 features a rear hatch and steeply-raked rear glass.

Kia Motors Corporation will introduce its KED-8/GT, a luxury sports concept car. The premium sports concept car is to have its Asia debut in Busan. The sedan has a sleek, four-door design with a rear wheel-drive layout, according to the company’s spokesman. The KCD-8 concept car will also make its first appearance in the local market.

Renault Samsung Motors will feature “the Captur concept car”. The French automaker’s Energy dCi 160 twin-turbo engine-concept aims to stress fun and an enjoyable drive. The company said that the model is meant to be a “sporty crossover with flowing and athletic body language” which “conjures up visions of two people exploring the world and previews a forthcoming road car”.

Fourteen foreign automakers, including Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Infiniti, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen, will display their newest models at the show.

A government official of Busan said, “We, the city of Busan, have been making utmost efforts to successfully host the exhibition and to support the promotion of top-notch technology and brands.”


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