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Thai pool villa resorts the newest honeymoon trend

A panoramic view of Villa Zolitude Resort and Spa.

Publication Date : 21-05-2012


City newlyweds these days seem to view their honeymoon as a cross between an escape from work and a romantic getaway.

So pool villa resorts in Phuket have become one of the latest trends for Asian honeymooners.

The number of villas with bedrooms, a living room and a private pool has been increasing, with a surge in honeymooners from around the world. The main slogan for the pool villas is “privacy and seclusion.”

“Honeymoon reservations are not just about the interior design. Privacy is the top priority for the honeymooners,” said Modetour, citing its recent survey, co-conducted with Hanatour from Feb. through May. Modetour and Hantour are the country’s two largest travel companies.

Annual surveys by Hanatour also show an increase in the number of honeymoon reservations in Phuket. In 2009, 16.2 per cent of honeymooners had picked Phuket, second to Philippines at 19.3 per cent. In 2010 and 2011, Phuket topped the honeymoon reservation chart at 21.7 per cent and 23.9 per cent, respectively.

Modetour said that Villa Zolitude Resort and Spa was popular among newly-wed customers who reserved honeymoon packages in Phuket.

Maitree Narukatpichai, the managing director of Villa Zolitude Resort and Spa, invested $17 million for his own temporary Thai style pool villa resort, Zolitude.

Korean honeymooners make up about 30 per cent of Zolitude’s online and offline reservations, followed by newlyweds from other neighbouring Asian countries including Hong Kong, India, China and Japan.

Also staying in Zolitude are European writers who seek artistic inspiration from the lush nature, the hotelier said. Indians who come to get married in Phuket are small in number but come in large groups, about 300-500 at a time.

In 2011, Zolitude won the Thailand Boutique Award, presented by the Thailand Boutique Committee made up of architecture associations and tourism experts. The pool villa resort was also selected as the travelers’ choice 2012 in, a popular user-generated travel website. Satisfaction in hospitality and the condition of rooms and facilities received positive reviews from the visitors.

“If they come to Zolitude, if there is something to be done, we will do that. We are small hotel, so we are flexible with our guests’ demand. We never say no upon their request, we try first,” Maitree Narukatpichai told The Korea Herald.

The hotelier said that he has had 20 year’s experience working in major Western hotels in Phuket, including the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa. As a resort and spa expert, he shared his thoughts about what really makes a pool villa resort competitive over hotels in Phuket.

“It is a new lifestyle. A hotel is all about a nice room and bathroom, but honeymooners want to explore. They want a new experience together in pool villas now.”

Built on a lush hillside near Chalong Pier, Zolitude is home to numerous local flora and fauna. Zolitude’s guests can enjoy wonderful views of the sea while taking in the scent of the blooming forest.

The interior design of Zolitude applies temporary Thai style with an exotic touch of Moroccan style. The pool villa resort offers four room plans: deluxe pool villa, grand pool villa, two-bedroom grand pool villa and four-bedroom grand pool villa. For deluxe pool villa and single grand pool villa, guests can receive a 57 per cent discount off the standard price if they book 45 days in advance or earlier.

The deluxe pool villa, 170 square-metres wide, overlooks the canopy of lush forest like a bird’s nest. It has wooden decks along two sides of the pool, and has a bedroom, a living room and a small garden around the bathroom. Both bedroom and living room are equipped with TV and other devices. The standard rate is US$404 per night.

The grand pool villa is two-storied 200 square-metres wide, and has all amenities provided in the deluxe pool villa. It has a separate outdoor deck area, two bathrooms, a lounge room built on the side of the pool, and a balcony on the upper floor. The view of the sunrise in a private space has received great reviews among foreign travelers. Prices start at $483.

The two-bedroom grand pool villa has the same features and amenities with the single grand pool villa except for a large second bedroom. The standard rate is $862.69 per night.

The four-bedroom grand pool villa suits best the guests with extended families, friends and business groups. With all features and amenities, the room has a large sun deck, formal lounge area, dining room and kitchen. The room is decorated with exotic art pieces and classy interior design. The rate is $1,361 per night.

Within the pool villa, a Thai grill restaurant with a fine view offers an extensive list of authentic Thai food for reasonable prices. For Korean visitors, Narukatpichai highly recommends trying Pad Krapao, a fried dish special Thai sauce with a choice of beef, pork, chicken or seafood. Pad Krapao is around $1-$2, Narukatpichai said.

Zolitude is also famous for its Zense Spa, built elegantly in design and architecture. The front of the spa is open yet private, and has a beautiful overview of the water feature. With mellow Thai music, the fragrant massage oil soothes the physical and mental stress of modern lives.

Traditional Thai massage, oil massage, facial massage, body wraps and scrubs are available. The spa also has excellent manicure and pedicure specialists.

Zolitude also offers a special honeymoon package that includes welcoming drinks, fruit, a flower bouquet upon arrival and daily breakfast at the villa or at 180 View and Grill Restaurant. Honeymooners also get a floral bath on the first night and a private romantic candlelight dinner with a bottle of wine. The package also includes free access to wireless internet, and a mini-bar that is replenished daily.

Zolitude runs four shuttle buses for its guests. There are shuttle buses leaving for Phuket shopping malls and for the Nai Harn Beach, twice each every day. Transportation in other times and to other destinations can be arranged upon request. The resort can also arrange tour guides.

For more information, special offers and blueprints of the rooms, visit or


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