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Accidents cost Malaysia $2.87b per year

Publication Date : 21-05-2012


The Malaysian government pays almost 9 billion ringgit (US$2.87 billion) for damages and medical expenses that were incurred from road accidents every year, the country's transport minister said yesterday.

There were 6,877 accidents last year and 60 per cent involved motorcycles, said Kong Cho Ha.

"Each time there is an accident, it affects various parties, including the Government."

"The public sees only the victims and the damaged vehicles. They don’t see the sufferings of the victims’ families and how much the government paid for medical bills (at government hospitals)," he said after launching a road safety campaign in Port Klang yesterday.

Saying the situation is serious, he advised motorists to take precautions when on the road.

He also urged motorists to practise what they had learned from the many road safety campaigns conducted by the government.

"Our road safety programmes are efficient but they would be of no use if they (motorists) do not put to use what they have learned," said the minister, adding that thre are more than a million new vehicles registered every year.

“The public must be extra careful on the road,” added Kong, who handed out safety helmets to several motorcyclists present at the event.


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