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Pakistan's Imran to launch campaign against resumption of Nato supplies

Publication Date : 17-05-2012


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan yesterday said he was contacting other political parties for the opposition campaign against expected re-opening of the Nato supply routes to Afghanistan, DawnNews reported.

The PTI chief's statement came the same day when the government officials said it had ordered officials to finalise an agreement as quickly as possible on lifting a six-month blockade on overland Nato supplies into war-torn Afghanistan.

A US official said the same day that Pakistan has made some "helpful and positive political statements" in support of an eventual deal to end a blockade of Nato supply lines into Afghanistan.

Talking to media representatives at the press conference at Zaman Paark in Lahore, Khan criticised the parliament for its inability to implement the resolution regarding future rules of engagement with the United States.

He asked why Pakistan was compromising on its stand of  not allowing the Nato supplies through its land-routes, when the US drone attacks have not been  stopped and the US has not seek for an apology over the November 26 raid on Salala check-post that killed 24 soldiers.

The PTI chairman warned that Pakistan will have to bear financial loss and loss of human lives, if it allows reopening of the Nato supply routes.

Speaking about election commission of Pakistan, Khan said that if Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz appoints their cronies in the commission then PTI would oppose that.


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