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Chocolate in the blood

Publication Date : 13-05-2012


I Love You 2 cafe pumps in a serious hit with more than 10 routes to cocoa heaven


With his popular Wine I Love You Bar & Bistro bubbling along nicely, chef Win Singaphatanakul decided he wanted a chocolate feel for his new hangout on Ekamai-Ram-Indra Road of Bangkok.

Born into a family of entrepreneurs who have operated a comfort-food joint for decades, Win took a Masters in business administration in New Zealand before returning to Bangkok and enrolling at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit. Armed with money smarts and an inside knowledge of Western cuisine, he then opened his first restaurant, at the Crystal Design Centre.

Fast forward two years and his I Love You 2 has arrived on the scene, targeting chocaholics with an irresistible cocoa-rich menu and some creative beverages.

Influenced by the novel "Chocolat", Win's new joint oozes sweet sophistication with wooden tables and comfy chairs to seat 70, along with an open pantry that allows you to watch your desserts being prepared.

Chef Win has sourced top-grade chocolate from Varona and Cocoa Barry of France and Switzerland to guarantee quality and a strong hit. To cut the richness, patrons can take their pick of fresh sauces made from mixed berry, raspberry and blueberry.

"I wanted to create a dessert bar for chocoholics, where especially women and families could come and hang out all day. My desserts are created a la carte menu-style with beautiful presentations. All dishes are made fresh. The main focus is on original and strong chocolate flavour," Win says. "The crepes are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, while the chocolate 'lava' contains absolutely no flavouring."

If "death by chocolate" is what you are after, the menu offers more than 10 ways to cocoa heaven. Sweet tooths will love the "monster" Bt175 plate of hot chocolate lava served with cold chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge and vanilla ice cream.

Other melt-in-the-mouth must-tries include the black and white chocolate on hazelnut crust served with fresh whipped cream and vanilla ice cream for Bt185, and the hazelnut chocolate banana caramel crepe in chocolate sauce for Bt175. For drinks, you can get tipsy with the chocolate cream brulee cocktail (Bt185), or go for a healthy refreshing kiwi sherb sherb smoothie for Bt95.

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I Love You 2 is on the ground floor of Crystal Design Centre's Building E on Ekamai Ram-Indra Road. It's open daily from 4pm to midnight. Call (089) 141 7000 or visit


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