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Thailand breaks up drug gangs in four provinces

Publication Date : 13-05-2012


Police in Thailand have arrested alleged drug dealers and smugglers in several provinces and seized narcotics worth hundreds of millions of baht.

A major drug-dealing gang was broken up in southern Chumphon's Tha Sae district, with 286,000 yaba tablets worth more than 100 million baht (US$3.2 million) seized.

The suspects, including Mayeeding Saleng, 45, Dulhadee Kaling, 22, Yakareeya Kaje, 55, and Manase Jeko, 33, were arrested when they stopped at a checkpoint in two cars.

In Nakhon Phanom, Narong Ketsaenwong, 25, and Phichit Akabut, 39, were arrested with 15,740 yaba pills worth around 4 million baht ($128,000) when they stopped a vehicle checkpoint in Si Songkhram district.

And police in Trang told a press conference yesterday they had rounded up 17 suspects accused of homicide, selling drugs and using drugs.

Police seized about 500 yaba tablets, 0.14 grams of heroin, 2.39 grams of "ice", or crystal methamphetamine, and some marijuana and kratom leaves. They also seized three guns and 33 bullets.

Following the earlier arrest of Thanyares Samranmak, 25, with 500,000 yaba pills and eight kilograms of ice worth 124 million baht ($4 million), her husband, Kritsada, 33, was arrested yesterday in Suphan Buri's Song Phi Nong district.

In related news, Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday praised an anti-drug project in Chiang Rai during her visit to the province.

Kamnan, village heads and a number of village members have been assigned to monitor the drug situation in their communities and report back to authorities to prevent and suppress illegal drugs from spreading in their areas.

Yingluck said their performance was satisfactory.


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