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Wonder Girls to make Japan debut in July

Publication Date : 11-05-2012


K-pop group Wonder Girls will be hitting Japan with their album titled “Nobody for Everybody” on July 25, Oricon reported Thursday.

The Japanese version of their hit song “Nobody” is expected to be highlighted as their debut song.

“In Korea the Wonder Girls are at a stage where they have reached their peak, and now we are ready for a bigger challenge,” Park Jin-young, CEO of the group’s label JYP Entertainment, stated.

“We are very excited to meet our Japanese fans,” said Sohee, a member of the group. “We are working very hard to show Japan our best.”

The Wonder Girls bedazzled their audience in Korea back in 2007 with the spunky dance moves of their hit “Tell Me”. A “Tell Me Syndrome” swept over their fans, with their addictive music video gaining over a hundred million views on Youtube.

Since then, they have steadily made efforts to enter the international stage, starting with their debut in the United States in 2008.

The girls managed to rank 76th on the Billboard Hot 100, the highest ranking for a Korean artist.


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