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Sweet-faced at 30

In My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts, Son Ye Jin's (above) character's supernatural ability scares off potential suitors except for the magician she works for. (PHOTO: INNOFORM MEDIA)

Publication Date : 09-05-2012


South Korean actress Son Ye Jin, 30, known for her roles in popular films such as A Moment To Remember (2004), where she played a young woman with Alzheimer's, as well as hit TV romance dramas including Summer Scent (2003) and Personal Taste (2010).

Her latest offering is My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts, a movie that curiously combines elements of romantic comedy with horror. Son plays the female lead who is eager to find love, but who scares most potential suitors away as she is haunted by ghostly spirits.

Other than her steady body of work, Son, with her luscious locks and porcelain skin, is also noted for her beauty.

In a recent e-mail interview with Life!, the sweet-faced bachelorette proved not to be the chatty sort, answering questions briefly and with little explanation.

In the new movie, her character is constantly plagued by supernatural spirits - which, fortunately, did not seem to cross over into reality.

"There were no ghost sightings or anything like that on the set, luckily..." says Son.

A good thing, provided that she does not really enjoy being scared.

"I'm not a big fan of horror or ghost films. Generally, I like melodramas or human drama."

By the way, looking as good as Son always takes effort.

"I think all men and women, not just actors, should take care of their appearance. That's why I'm not lazy, and I'll keep taking care of my appearance. All in all, I think it has good effects on me."

Seems like she is pretty concerned with her looks, even when she is just acting.

Asked whether she is willing to uglify herself in future roles, she gives a cryptic: "No answer".

So how does she pick her roles, other than the fact that they cannot be too ugly?

"I have to feel drawn to the story. I also think about whether the character has something to stimulate me, helps me mature as an actress, or is emotionally captivating."

Awards are not her main goal either, though they are a good bonus.

"I don't choose films with winning awards in mind. I took part in the films I did because I liked them. Of course, if those films receive good reviews internationally, I'll be very happy. I think most actors think this way."

Unlike other South Korean actresses- cum-singers (think Jang Na Ra and Uee), Son has no plans to embark on a singing career.

"Unless I have to sing in a film like Alone In Love (2006) or Lover's Concerto (2002), I don't have any plans to make an official debut as a singer or make albums. I don't think I can take the challenge of that field."

In TV drama Personal Taste, she played the love interest of actor Lee Min Ho, who is six years her junior in real life. Not that she minded, of course.

"There are many pairings of older women and younger men in dramas. Audiences want to see realistic female characters, but they want the male characters more dreamy and to cater to their fantasies.

"TV is actually a great environment for 30-something actresses because there are lots of roles for them."

But there is less variety in female roles in films, she thinks.

"In films, roles are limited for actresses, compared with male actors. It's kind of sad but I try to make the best of my depth and maturity that comes with age and experience."


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