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2/3 families in Thailand are in debt, survey shows

Publication Date : 09-05-2012


As many as 10.5 million out of 15 million Thai families are in debt, while 1.2 million of them are unable to pay back, according to a survey by the Thai Family Studies Association.

Panpimol Wipulakorn, the association's secretary-general, said yesterday that parents were busy working to repay these debts and thus did not have time to take proper care of their children.

The association and allied organisations will meet the 4th "Thai families warmth promotion operation" on Thursday and Friday to discuss the new challenges, recommendations and lessons from successful operations to strengthen families.

Panpimol said changes in Thai society, including technology, an ageing society and fast-changing economic and financial systems, have left people vulnerable and unable to resist behaviour such as alcohol abuse, gambling and adultery.

Citing a 2009-2011 study on 4,000 families nationwide, she said most people were far too focused on income and economic status.

The association and Mahidol University's National Institute for Child and Family Development conducted the survey.

According to the survey, 70 per cent of the families had debts in 2011, 8 |per cent were unable to pay.

It is this need to pay back debts that is forcing people to work longer hours, which means they have no time for their kids, leaving them in the care of others.


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