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Waiting for the Hollywood moment

Publication Date : 05-05-2012


Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is at it again.

She has just said that the floods and hot weather are the reasons people have the perception that food prices are on the rise. As a lot of Thais are now seeing increasing prices for goods and services, it is no surprise that her latest notion has sparked a new round of gossip on the social media.

It is not the first time, though, that the premiere has said something that doesn't show any wit. There are previous statements when she either said the wrong word or made an unforgettable mistake. Calling Singburi province Sara Buri when she visited there; saying "overcome" instead of "welcome" when reading a speech to welcome US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her Thailand visit; calling Hat Yai district in Songkhla province Hat Yai province; and calling the Malaysian prime minister a President.

These are all are still fresh memories. Every time she made those mistakes, her critics came in full force to bombard her. If you haven't gone to Mars, you can search "Yingluck Pood Pid" (Yingluck said wrongly) on Google and read or watch the videos.

To Yingluck supporters, these "tiny" mistakes will never shake her place as premiere. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, but the mistakes she makes and the illogical statements hardly find a place in others in her position. Here we have a heroine of the Pheu Thai Party who amuses us once in a while with what she does or says wrongly.

If one takes her out of the political equation, Yingluck may be seen as a "girl next door", a normal person, or a cute woman that brings us a laugh and smile with her goofy gestures or actions. Since having seen her on the day she wore Burberry wellington boots to inspect flooded communities, along with her stammering speeches both live and recorded, I can't help but associate her with a Hollywood heroine in typical romantic comedy. Doesn't she have in common those "ugly" moments in "Bridget Jones' Diary"? Isn't she like Elle Wood from "Legally Blonde" or Rebecca Bloomwood in "Confessions of a Shopaholic"?

Jones had "stammer" moments when reporting hard news, and Yingluck struggles with her speech too. Wood's arrival at Harvard University in her pink outfit is not too far removed from the premiere in the brandname wellies. And if we put the premiere into a romantic comedy, she surely would make a perfect heroine.

On a more sympathetic note, you feel that Yingluck has been put into a difficult situation - as those movie characters were. She may be Bloomwood under deadline pressure to deliver an article and pay overdue bills. She could also be Jones, starting a broadcasting job without any prior background. Or she could be Wood, who is a fashionista walking into prestigious Harvard.

Moreover, she could be an innocent woman on a fierce battlefield. It reminds me of a hit Hong Kong series "Kom Chuen Kom" ("The Shell Game") starring Chow Yun Fat, in which the last scene sees a heroine who has to continue playing poker for her husband. He leaves her with a losing hand but the last thing he tells her is that the cards in her hand are excellent and she should fight to win. With her natural poker face and the very poor hand, she wins the game and brings a lifetime victory for her hubby.

Whether or not Yingluck realises what kind of cards are in her hand in this game, we can presume that she is at least innocent and believes in her cards. She may not be capable in this (political) game but all she has is the innocent belief that she is on a winning streak and that she must continue in order to win the game.

There is nothing wrong with Hollywood sweethearts who do all sorts of funny and silly things before the public. There shouldn't be anything wrong with that, providing that in the end the character - the likes of Jones, Wood and Bloomwood - find a happy ending.

They eventually win the hearts of the hero and those surrounding her thanks to sincerity, honesty, integrity, kindness or heroic acts. In Yingluck's case, she has showed us her funny and goofy side. Now the Thai public is waiting for the moment when she will win over her critics through her honesty and virtue. We are waiting and hoping to enjoy that moment and give her a standing ovation.


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