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Bride dressed by groom

Yong has made a wedding gown for his bride Koi.

Publication Date : 04-05-2012


Although a lot of celebrities tie the knot in April and May, the wedding of singer Anusorn Maneeted better known as "Yong Armchair" and singer Walailak "Koi" Muskpodok of Saturday Seiko is likely to stand out in a crowded schedule.

The ceremony will be at the Museum Siam in Bangkok on Saturday, which on the Thai calendar appears as 5/5/55, looking very auspicious.

But what's unique is that Yong himself has designed his bride's wedding gown. How many grooms have done that?

On Wednesday, he informed his 36,000 Twitter followers that he'd just finished sewing the dress.

It's very much a social-networking occasion.

Look at Yong's Facebook and Twitter biographies and you can see how much he loves Koi: "I'm the singer for the Armchair band and my girlfriend is Koi. I love travelling, literature and have a good memory. And I'm prepared to get married."

On Twitter, he asked if there were any media outlets that hadn't received his invitation. It comes with a lovely photo of the couple with a handwritten invite from both of them.

"We are getting married after seeing each other for 10 years," he writes. And Koi says: "We put everything into this wedding party and we'd like the media to witness it."

It'll be a great photo opportunity and the story behind that wedding dress ought to be interesting.

Better to give

The slogan of the newly opened Siriraj piyamaharaj-karun Hospital (SiPH) is that one can be a giver and a receiver of care because profits from the private hospital go to support Siriraj Hospital, the nation's largest public medical centre.

Many celebrities have promoted SiPH in the media, but there are others who are "givers" in their own way.

One is Rit Thirakomen, managing director of MK Restaurants, whose family regularly donates to Siriraj. At SiPH, he's opening a MK as well as Yayoi Japanese restaurant and one of his company's newest franchises, Ramen Champion.

Profits from all three eateries will be donated to Siriraj Hospital, making givers of the diners. Perhaps other companies can copy the idea. Rit surely won't mind.


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