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Taiwanese Major League pitcher apologises for affair

This image captured from SET TV shows Taiwan's most famous baseball player who has risen through the ranks into the Major League, Chien-Ming Wang with Cyndi, a Taiwanese woman he met in Florida during rehabilitation in 2009 and with whom the pitcher had an 8-month affair.

Publication Date : 25-04-2012


Taiwan-native Major League pitcher Chien-Ming Wang made an official apology to the public Tuesday for having an extramarital affair after a Taiwanese newspaper ran a front-page story the same day exposing the scandal.

During a press conference held at a spring training camp in the United States, the 32-year-old righty admitted that he had an extramarital affair with a woman in 2010 which lasted for eight months. Wang apologised to everybody for his “serious mistake”.

“I want to apologise to all my fans for being a bad example and disappointing everyone,” said Wang with tears in his eyes at a press conference in Viera, Florida.

He said the affair took place two years ago when he was both physically and mentally weakest following season-ending shoulder surgery that forced him to leave the New York Yankees and join the Washington Nationals.

“I was not sure if I was facing the end of my professional career [following the surgery] and my mental and physical health were out of balance,” said Wang, adding that it was at that time he had the affair.

Without going into the details of the affair or naming the woman, Wang said he took the initiative to end it after suffering tremendous guilt eight months later.

On the other hand, Wang claimed his former paramour has continuously tried to get back together with the celebrity pitcher and even threatened to expose their relationship to the media.

Wang had “no choice” but to step forward now and make an open apology for his mistake to avoid harming anyone further, he said.

He said he has confessed to the affair with his wife and that she had forgiven him.

Mistress identified as Taiwanese surnamed Chiu

Wang's public confession was made after the Chinese-language Apple Daily newspaper ran a front-page story yesterday showing several photographs Wang took with the woman, who was identified as Cyndi Chiu.

Wang met the Taiwanese woman at a night club in Florida when the pitcher was undergoing rehabilitation for his injury, the report said.

The pitcher married Wu Chia-ling in December 2003, and the couple gave birth to a boy, Justin Jesse Wang, in 2009.

Family's forgiveness

Speaking at Tuesday's press conference, Wang said he had informed his club. The team expressed their support and urged him to make a public confession.

“The incident will not affect the schedule for my return to the Major League,” Wang said in response to a reporter's inquiry.

He later left after making his brief statement and answering a couple of questions, leaving his agent Alan Chang to speak for him.

Asked to give further details on the scandal, Chang said Wang's wife were devastated when she first heard Wang's confession.

But she later accepted Wang's apology and the couple agreed to make their best efforts to move on and make a better family, Chang said.

Chang, however, refused to disclose more when asked if Wang was being blackmailed for the affair, or if anyone had tried to sell photos of Wang and his mistress to the media.

Meanwhile, Wang's parents in Taiwan issued a statement yesterday asking the Taiwanese public to give their son a second chance.

Wang, who is currently on the disabled list with a hamstring injury is expected to rejoin his club sometime next month, according to a previous Nationals' announcement.

The Taiwan-native strained his left hamstring during an exhibition game against the New York Yankees March 16 and was put on the 15-day disabled list.


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