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Andy Lau sweeps HK awards

Andy Lau and Deanie Ip win as best actor and actress for their roles in A Simple Life at the Hong Kong Film awards held on Sunday night.

Publication Date : 17-04-2012


Unlike the messy Hong Kong chief executive election last month, the Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday was a straightforward contest in which one of the most popular men in the industry - and possibly Hong Kong - was the big winner.

That would be Andy Lau, who produced and acted in A Simple Life, a poignant human drama which picked up five prizes, including Best Film, Best Director for Ann Hui, Best Screenplay for Susan Chan and Best Actress for Deanie Ip.

In one of that movie's less expected wins, Lau was also named Best Actor for playing a film producer who takes care of his ailing servant, played by Ip.

The Heavenly King bested the favourite, Lau Ching Wan, who was nominated for two thrillers, Life Without Principle and Overheard 2, but struck a note of humility in his speech.

Andy Lau - who is known more as a pop and matinee idol and increasingly, a passionate movie producer, than as an actor - said he had expected to go home without an acting prize.

The jury probably voted for him because of his "contributions to Hong Kong cinema", he added.

He thanked Hui and the film's editors, for "letting me act anyhow in front of the camera and editing me". "Actually, we should have won Best Film Editing," he added.

While most of the other wins went according to script - Ip was a shoo-in for Best Actress following her wins at the Venice International Film Festival and the Golden Horse Awards - presenters such as Anthony Wong and Sandra Ng injected some surprise into the proceedings.

On a night when several hosts and presenters made allusions to scandals that tainted the recent election, Wong was a hit when he poked fun at the award jury for being as undemocratic as the election committee that chose Beijing loyalist Leung Chun Ying as chief executive.

Wong added jokingly that he had bargained with the organisers and threatened not to present the Best Actress prize unless it was given to Ip, because that was the only "fair" outcome possible.

Presenting the Best Actor award, Ng spoke frankly - perhaps too frankly - of her love for Andy Lau. "Everyone in the industry knows I'm obsessed with him. I even dream about him. He's so capable and so amazing, he's got someone pregnant at his age," she said.

As the crowd howled with laughter at her reference to Lau, 50, expecting a child with his wife Carol Choo, 45, Ng continued. The thought of Lau making that baby made her feel "hot", she added.

Other winners included veterans Lo Hoi Pang and So Hang Shuen, who were named the Best Supporting Actor and Actress for Life Without Principle.

Singer Jam Hsiao won Best New Performer for the comedy The Killer Who Never Kills.


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