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Rain to promote military service

Publication Date : 11-04-2012


South Korea's Military Manpower Administration appointed singer Rain as the ninth military service promotion ambassador on Tuesday.

“Make it widely known that fulfilling military service is a proud and honorable act while working as the military service promotion ambassador,” Military Manpower Administration Commissioner Kim Young-hoo said after appointing Rain as the goodwill ambassador.

Rain will serve as the goodwill ambassador for one year. During that time he will model for various promotion projects organised by the Military Manpower Administration. He will also take part in events designed to promote various aspects of the National Service.

“Although my role is only small, I will do my best to contribute to fostering a social environment in which those who have fulfilled their military duty are respected,” Rain said at the appointment ceremony.

After the ceremony, Rain served the role of a recruiting officer for the day, and held a question and answer session with those who were receiving health checkups ahead of joining the military service.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, has been serving in the Army since October 2011 for the mandatory national service. He began his service as an assistant instructor for recruits, but was transferred to his current position in February.

He is due to be discharged on July 10, 2013.


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