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Shakespeare must be banned

Publication Date : 04-04-2012


The Film Board of Thailand has banned "Shakespeare Must Die" by Thai director Ing K, saying the movie's political content would cause divisions in the country.

"Shakespeare Must Die" is the second Thai movie banned from commercial release under the Film Act of 2008. The first is "Insects in the Backyard" by director Thanwarin Sukkhapisit, which was banned in 2010.

"Shakepeare Must Die" had received support from the Thai Kem Kaeng (Strong Thailand) fund under the Cultural Ministry’s Office of Contemporary Art and Culture.

An adaptation of "Macbeth", "Shakespeare Must Die" blended black magic and politics. Ing K previously co-directed the critically acclaimed documentary "Citizen Juling", about the beating death of a teacher in southern Thailand.

An earlier film by her, the controversial "My Teacher Eats Biscuits", was not publicly released in Thailand.


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