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The Asia News Network (ANN) is a network of 21 media groups in Asian cities, organized to provide avenues for cooperation and to optimize coverage of major news events in the region.




The networking of newspapers in Asia was first discussed informally by the Asian editors who participated in the first Asian-German Editors' Forum organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Manila. Encouraged by the warm fellowship among them and the success of the forum, the editors decided that a more permanent professional and business relationship be pursued not only among themselves but among their respective publications with the goal of improving the coverage of Asian affairs by Asian media. In March 1999, ANN was born.




1. To enhance and improve news coverage of Asian affairs. 2. To provide member newspapers with reliable access to news sources in Asia. 3. To help promote the professional development of journalism in the region.




1. All members shall be free to publish news stories, analyses, features and photographs from the network members.


2. Each network member will contribute a least five stories everyday from which other members may choose to print in their publications. The contributions may include any kind of story that may be deemed useful to the others, such as politics, regional conflicts, economy, human interest, and sports. Photographs may also be requested from any of the network members.


3. The newspaper that was the source of the story, analysis or photograph shall be given credit in the publication that uses these, along with the network. For example: The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network. Bylines of reporters shall be at the discretion of the editors.


4. Each member shall appoint an editor to the network with whom ANN members can communicate regarding specific requirements. A central coordinator shall be appointed to look after the daily contributions of the network members. The position of central coordinator shall be rotated quarterly.


5. Network members shall help one another whenever they can through sharing of facilities and manpower. In the event of coverage by a reporter of one newspaper to another member's country, the network member in "host" country shall extend support by means of free use of its library system and email and make available contacts known by the "host". On certain occasions, special arrangements may also be made among network members. The network member requesting the coverage shall bear the direct costs incurred in the assignment.


6. A network member may request special reports and background information from any of the other members. A member should try to deliver on a best effort basis but may decline if the request requires extensive work and additional resources.


7. Network members may embark on an exchange program for their journalists, either on a bilateral basis or as a group.


8. A website shall be installed for the operations of ANN.




The network shall sponsor projects that will generate news for the region.




The Executive Board shall meet twice a year.




The Executive Board shall process the applications of new members and regulate the activities of ANN. The Board is composed of the editors of the full members, namely:


Mr. Zhu Ling, Editor-in-Chief, China Daily, China

Mr. Takashi Sadahiro, Managing Editor, The Japan News, Japan

Mr. Meidyatama Suryodinigrat, Chief Editor, The Jakarta Post, Indonesia

Mr. Yu Kun-ha, Editor-in-Chief, The Korea Herald, Republic of Korea

Mr. John Nery, Editor, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippines

Mr. Pook Ah Lek, Editor-in-Chief, Sin Chew Daily, Malaysia

Mr. Daniel Huang, Deputy Director, The China Post, Taiwan

Mr. Mahfuz Anam, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Star, Bangladesh

Mr. Prabath Sahabandu, Editor-in-Chief, The Island, Sri Lanka

Mr. Akhilesh Upadhyay, Editor, The Kathmandu Post, Nepal

Mr. Pana Janviroj, President, The Nation, Thailand

Mr. Wong Chun Wai, Group Chief Editor, The Star, Malaysia

Mr. Ravindra Kumar, Editor, The Statesman, India

Mr. Warren Fernandez, Editor, The Straits Times

Mr. Trinh Thuy, Editor-in-Chief, Viet Nam News, Vietnam


The chairman of the Executive Board shall have a term of one year.


The 2015-2016 board chairperson is Mr Zhu Ling.


Mr Torben Stephan, Regional Representative (Media) of KAS shall serve as adviser to the Board.




Membership in the ANN will be by invitation. Acceptance of a new member will be decided by consensus by the Executive Board.


Membership in the network shall be by institution, not by individual. Each Asian country shall be represented by one English newspaper, unless otherwise decided by the Board, and a vernacular newspaper, the utility of which shall be assessed by the same Board. Membership of a newspaper will lapse if the Board decides that a newspaper has not contributed productively to ANN.