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Yudhoyono term ends with a whimper, survey shows

Publication Date : 24-12-2013


A public opinion survey has shown that the public deemed the second term of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono a failure, with more than 85 per cent of the respondents saying that they were dissatisfied with the current situation.

The survey, conducted by the Jakarta-based Reform Institute, found that Yudhoyono had failed to capitalise on the high level of support that he had during the early part of his presidency.

Chairman of the Reform Institute Yudi Latif said Yudhoyono and members of his administration had simply failed to perform their job.

“The job approval rating is so low. How can an administration that came to office with 60 per cent of the popular vote have fallen this deep? This means that all they had was an image without actual results,” Yudi said as quoted by

Earlier in June, a public opinion poll, conducted by the National Survey Institute (LSN) revealed that 49 per cent of 1,230 respondents thought that Yudhoyono, since winning his second five-year term in 2010, had created no significant improvements for the country.

Thirty per cent of respondents perceived the country to be worse off under Yudhoyono’s second term.


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