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Visions of eternal beauty

Publication Date : 10-01-2013


Five designers fill the runway with images of beauty and immortality


"People always think of eternal beauty and look for it endlessly. One day if the world ends, mushrooms will still be alive and growing rapidly. They seem to be immortal and create their own eternal beauty," said Cong Tri.

One of five designers who will present work at the Dep Fashion Show this month in Ho Chi Minh City, Tri has a unique vision of natural beauty that fits the show's "Birth of Venus" theme.

"I'm attracted by the colours, shapes and characters of mushrooms," Tri explained. "I know that the more colourful mushrooms are, the more seriously they poison. It may be weird to be enchanted by this, but I think everything has its price. Beauty often goes hand in hand with danger."

The Dep Fashion Show was successful, he said, because it inspired creativity rather than competition.

"The show is a catalyst that allows designers to create wholeheartedly," he said. "We don't contribute to compete with each other, but to leave the audience with a good impression."

This year's show, which extends across two evenings, will feature Tri's work along with that of four other famous designers: Giao Linh, Ly Qui Khanh, Truong Thanh Long and Adrian Anh Tuan. Their designs will be presented by 100 professional models including Lam Thu Hang (Miss Beach 2008), Huyen Trang (Vietnam's Next Top Model 2010) and Vuong Thu Phuong (Supermodel 2011 Gold Award).

On the first night the audience will drift through a space filled with conceptual fashion and enjoy artistic designs. On the second night, they will be entertained with fashion designs that they might actually wear in daily life.

The show was organised by a talented crew including director Charlie Nguyen, catwalk director Xuan Lan – a juror from Vietnam's Next Top Model, music director Tri Minh, visual artist Le Thanh Tung and art director Le Quoc Hung.

The event will take place on January 24-25 at the city's Nguyen Du Sports House. Audiences at home can follow the event on its official website,


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