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Vietnam's cash crops top $1b in exports

Publication Date : 22-01-2014


Seafood, timber, rice, coffee, rubber, cashew nuts and cassava earned Vietnam more than US$1 billion each in export turnover last year.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, thanks to a rapid and stable growth of 30 per cent for the past three years, fruits and vegetables joined the "$1billion export club" for the first time.

The export of seafood products ranked first with $6.7 billion, up 10.1 per cent over the previous year. The US is the largest importer of Vietnam's aquatic products, with a value of $1.33 billion, up 21.9 per cent year on year and accounting for 21.89 per cent of the total export value of the product.

The export of timber and wood products, ranking second, brought home $5.37 billion, up 15.2 per cent against last year.

The export of these items saw high growth in big markets such as the US (up 10.26 per cent), China (up 34.64 per cent), Japan (up 20.97 per cent) and the Republic of Korea (up 45.23 per cent).

The export turnover of rice reached 6.61 million tonnes, valued at $2.95 billion. China ranked first among the importers of rice from Vietnam, with 2 million tonnes, worth $849.36 million, and accounting for 30.93 per cent.

Coffee exports, standing at the fourth place, raked in $2.75 billion, followed by rubber at $2.52 billion, cashew nuts at $1.63 billion and cassava at $1.11 billion.

The volume of cashew exports reached 257,000 tonnes, worth $1.63 billion, and up 15.8 per cent and 9.7 per cent in volume and value respectively.

With a shipment of 3.1 million tonnes, cassava exports also contributed $1.11 billion to the country's agricultural product export value of $13.1 billion.


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