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Vietnam steps up efforts to stop illegal mineral exports

Publication Date : 03-04-2014


Vietnam's Minister of Industry and Trade, Vu Huy Hoang, said he would work closely with local administrations to stop completely the illegal exportation of minerals by 2015.

Replying to questions at a National Assembly session on Tuesday, he said illegal mining and exports of ores persisted in some provinces and cities, causing substantial losses to the government as well as adversely affecting the environment.

Deputy Ma Dien Cu from the central province of Quang Ngai blamed it on poor official oversight, and demanded drastic solutions from the ministry to resolve the problem.

Hoang said minerals were valuable resources and should be used optimally and exported only in processed form.

The government's Resolution No. 2 requires mining firms to process minerals and prohibits exports of ores.

Hoang said many firms were licensed in 2012 to mine ores and their stockpiles have been building up, forcing officials in provinces to obtain government permission to export inventory they had mined before the resolution took effect.

But some businesses have taken advantage of this to illegally export minerals.

Hoang said his ministry would work with the Ministry of Environment and Natural and local authorities to stop illegal exports by 2015.


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