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Vietnam police force asked to promote respect for law

Publication Date : 03-04-2014


Vietnam President Truong Tan Sang asked the police to join the public in security protection, thus creating a healthy environment where all citizens respect the law.

At a working session with the Ministry of Public Security in Ha Noi yesterday, Sang called for more attention to be paid to two key tasks: broadening the scope of Party building activities and improving professional skills and self-discipline.

He asked police units to recommend changes to existing laws that would help authorities uphold social security and order.

Members of the public also needed to be encouraged to disclose illegal acts and help former offenders integrate into society after their rehabilitation, he said.

The crime rate is increasing in major cities, with crimes such as illegal debt collection services and drug smuggling on the rise. Violations related to finance, banking, construction, land use and management have become serious, causing huge economic losses and sparking concern among the public.

The economic slowdown both at home and abroad has left many enterprises bankrupt and workers unemployed, and this likely played a role in the increase in crime, he said.

At the session, delegates suggested implementing policies that would make it easier to fight crime.


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