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Video of woman abusing elderly man after accident goes viral in Malaysia

Publication Date : 16-07-2014


An enraged woman spewed verbal abuses and repeatedly hammered an elderly man’s vehicle with a steering lock after he accidentally hit her brand new Peugeot.

A video of the incident which occurred in Kuantan was uploaded onto Youtube and instantly went viral. (

In the footage taken by a nearby motorist, the screaming assailant called the man ‘very stupid’ and hurled racist remarks. She also demanded that he pay 2,000 ringgit (US$625) in compensation.

The elderly man remained calm despite the woman’s outburst and offered to pay the damages, repeating that accident was unintentional.

“You don’t have to do that,” he was heard saying. He also said that the woman had taken his keys and refused to return them.

The woman was recorded telling passers-by to call the police.

Netizens incensed at the unnecessarily violent tantrum and rude behaviour, exposed the woman’s identity, contact details and Facebook account, including information of the bridal company where she allegedly works in.

This further attracted a flurry of criticism and angry retaliatory remarks on the woman’s personal pages. The Facebook account has since been deactivated.

Her car plate number is also now public knowledge.



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