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Trade group seeks waiver of licence requirement in Brunei

Publication Date : 08-01-2014


The Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DPPMB) has asked the government to waive a requirement to secure a bank guarantee for small businesses that seek to obtain licences, said an administration committee member yesterday.

The business association has been meeting with the government and a formal request has been written by the DPPMB in an effort to help selected Malay businesses obtain licences without having to submit a banker’s guarantee, said Hj Ibrahim Hj Mohd Ali.

A guarantee from a lending institution ensures that the liabilities of a debtor will be met.

“We are pursuing the matter through formal letters and meetings... we have written and spoken to the government on this main issue, but is still a pending issue. We have yet to hear from the government about any decision,” Hj Ibrahim said during a press conference held for the upcoming ‘2nd DPPMB World Cafe’.

“Alhamdulillah, so far, that is one action that we have done as a follow up from the first World Cafe.”

He did not disclose which businesses would be eligible for the waiver should the government approve the proposal.

But Hj Ibrahim also said that the DPPMB understands that the decision from the government may take a long time.

“Some of the results that we expect (from the government), does not happen overnight. What is important, we have to start somewhere,” he said.

Meanwhile, another proposal that came out of the first World Cafe was to include a training budget to organise business training programmes for members of the chamber and other Malay entrepreneurs.

Hj Ibrahim hoped that the upcoming ‘2nd World Cafe’ will help raise the matter further and help resolve the issue faster.

“We hope the upcoming 2nd session will help raise public views and concerns from the business people to be brought up to the government so they will understand the situation,” he said.

“The whole idea of the World Cafe is for the government and the private sector to get together and move forward in nation building towards Vision 2035.”

The World Cafe is a meeting format used by the chamber for dialogues in an effort to make the forum less formal and more flexible.



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