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The rise of the medi-spa


Publication Date : 21-01-2014


This thriving industry is offering more options


The spa and wellness industry continues to evolve with each passing year.

As we enter the Year of the Horse, this thriving industry is likewise poised to gallop onto a higher plane, this time offering more options to the adventurous spaholic.

Health and Fitness Travel Blog (, one of the leading health holiday specialists, has a list of what to expect in the spa world and wellness holidays in 2014.

This next wave of trends will give every spaholic ideas in planning their journey and achieving their fitness and wellness goals.

Personalised wellness
More than just a way to pamper one’s self, spas are also fast becoming wellness providers. Spa-goers have become more fitness-conscious, so expect wellness holiday packages to include personalized programs to cater to specific needs, aside from the usual packaged offerings.

Medical spas and global aging
The dawning of the wellness culture introduced the medical spa to help spa-goers maintain their youthful looks. If a decade ago these spaholics were content with a relaxing massage, they now have a new need to go to a spa.

Medi-spas will proliferate to treat a variety of conditions, staffed by doctors with various specialisations.

Mental restoration
In the ever-changing world and with today’s ultra fast-paced lifestyle, meditation, yoga and qigong, with life coaching, will also be highly popular in 2014. We are in a world where there is no slowing down, and mental rejuvenation is what people will need to cope with stress.

Hot new fitness crazes

Fitness enthusiasts can spice up their workout routines with emerging exercise styles. From surfboard yoga to underwater rope training to trampoline workouts, these groundbreaking routines will surely take fitness regimens to a higher and more exciting plane.

Wellness and culture
Combined spa travellers are coming out of their shell and are raring to explore the culture of their destination, in addition to the exotic treatments they are enjoying. Expect spa holiday operators to offer exhilarating cultural tours with a truly relaxing wellness retreat.

Family spa-ing
Gone are the days when spa holidays were a thing for singles and grownups. There is now a growing demand for parents to bring their children along to wellness retreats.

Expect more spas to come up with more creative ideas for a fun-filled spa adventure for the  family.

Mindfulness meditation
Meditation is having its moment in the spa and wellness limelight as a key to achieving mental balance and happiness. Mindfulness is a mind-body approach to well-being. Regular meditation claims to improve the immune system, boost memory, regulate emotions and combat depression.

Start drawing up your wellness and fitness plan for 2014, and hopefully these emerging trends will help get you on the right track. Just don’t forget to consult a professional before engaging in a new activity, and always take the necessary precautions when trying fitness activities or routines for the first time.


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