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Taiwan president's nephew played key role in tourist's rescue

Publication Date : 23-12-2013


Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou’s nephew, who helped rescue abducted tourist Chang An-wei from the Philippines, was a former commanding officer with the US Army Special Forces.

According to a media report by Focus Taiwan, Yu Ching, 34, offered to help Chang’s family when he heard she had been kidnapped by gunmen from Pom Pom island in Sabah to the southern Philippines.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency quoted Chang’s brother Da Gong as saying: “Yu used his personal connections to help secure the release of my sister.”

The report did not say how Yu helped to get Chang back, and that Yu did not comment on the matter at a press conference.

However, it said that Yu was involved in a 2006 attack on an Abu Sayyaf base on a remote Philippines island during a 40-month service at the Okinawa military base in Japan.

It added that the two-time Bronze Star Medal holder served 12 years with the US Army, and was involved in anti-terrorist combat missions in both Iraq and the Philippines.


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