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Subway sandwiches make aromatic entry into Sri Lanka

Publication Date : 22-07-2014


Sri Lanka is privileged to have the entry of Subway— a globally recognised Quick Service Restaurant brand— as it will matter for the country in terms of creating local entrepreneurs and more jobs, in addition to its core business of providing healthy, gourmet food at value-for-money prices, Nathan Wills, Franchise-Owner and Chairman, Subway Development Pvt. Ltd. Sri Lanka, said Monday after launching its debut restaurant in Sri Lanka.

"We will be committed to a rapid growth in the island nation and plan to open restaurants across the country, giving local entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate their own business".

"All Subway sandwiches will be served on a variety of gourmet breads that are baked fresh each day and Subway lovers can create their own sandwiches by choosing from a variety of lean meats, fresh vegetables, cheeses and low-fat condiments."

"People here are appreciative of fresh, flavourful offerings and like experimenting with international tastes.

"Subway is just the right kind of opportunity to grow and expand in the restaurant business while serving people with high quality products at value-for-money prices".

"Subway restaurant chain, the largest submarine sandwich chain with a presence of over 42,000 restaurants in 107 countries and territories, is all set to launch its Quick Service Restaurant (OSR) brand in Colornbo."

"After you have picked your choice of ingredients, you can also see your delicious meal being made right in front of you, "Wills said.

Savanth Sebastian, co-franchise-owner said, "The menu will be an eclectic mix of international and local flavours of popular Subway sandwiches and salads.

"We intend to adapt our international best-selling sandwiches to local tastes by producing local fresh produce and sauces within the first 12 months."

Headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, and with regional offices in Amsterdam, Beirut, Brisbane, Miami, and Singapore, the Subway brand was co-founded by Fred De Luca and Dr. Peter Buck in 1965.

Their partnership, which continues today, marked the beginning of a journey - one that has made it possible for thousands of individuals to build and succeed in their own business.

With more than 42,000 locations in 107 countries, the Subway brand - mostly through its franchisees - provides more than 400,000 job opportunities worldwide.


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