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Starbucks sets new high on Japan's Nagano peak

Visitors sip coffee and warm themselves by heaters at the new Starbucks Coffee store atop Mt. Yokote in Nagano Prefecture.

Publication Date : 23-12-2013


Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. has opened a store at the Mt. Yokote ski resort in the Shiga Highlands in northern Nagano Prefecture, allowing skiers to enjoy its coffee while gazing down on a sea of clouds from the 2,307-metre-high peak.

The new store is located at the highest elevation among Starbucks’ approximately 1,000 outlets in Japan. It will be open during the skiing season, which runs until mid-May, the coffee chain operator said.

In a bid to woo more skiers to the area, a local organisation comprising businesses including the ski resort and accommodation facilities approached Starbucks. “We decided to open our store because we were impressed by the enthusiasm of the local people,” a company spokesperson said.

Starbucks converted a former restaurant located on the second floor of a ski lift facility at the mountain peak, even using the eatery’s wooden tables, which have oil heaters in their centers.

Yamanouchi Mayor Yoshitaka Takefushi came to the store for a private viewing Tuesday.

“I hope it [the store] will boost the development of the Shiga Highlands as a resort destination,” Takefushi said.


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