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Sri Lanka PM's son's election campaign funded by heroin smugglers: monks

Publication Date : 25-12-2013


Venerable Rajawatte Wappa Thera, president of Sri Lanka's national Buddhist council the National Sangha Council (NSC), has alleged that the provincial council election campaign of Anuradha Jayaratne in September had been funded by those who were suspected of smuggling heroin into the country in cans of grease.

Anuradha is the son of Sri Lankan Prime Minister DM Jayaratne.

Speaking to the press at the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress Auditorium in Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo, Wappa Thera said that the council had received information that Anuradha had spent millions of rupees to buy votes in the September 2013 elections.

He also criticised the Bhikkus and other religious leaders of the Inter Religious Alliance for National Unity, who had backed the prime minister and his son, adding that they were also interested in their own gain and did not uphold the country's interests.

He urged Anuradha to come forward and address the matter without criticising the religious leaders because it is their moral duty to expose the wrong in society.


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