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Software threat to rockscapes

Publication Date : 29-11-2013


For millions of years they stood rock solid against the vagaries of nature, yet were blown to pieces by the flood of development, thanks to the software boom.

The Deccan rockscapes, which are not only important for preserving the natural beauty of Hyderabad but also from an ecological point of view, are under severe threat from urbanisation, especially after the city emerged as a software hub.

Its latest infrastructure development - be it the Hitech City or the Outer Ring Road leading to the new Shamsabad airport- all saw the rocks being blasted to make way for roads and property, commercial and otherwise

The rocks act as biotopes for flora and fauna as well as facilitate percolation of groundwater which is again essential for the city hit by a tremendous water scarcity. Though urbanisation has continued unabated the Society to Save Rocks is banking on the love for adventure sports among the city’s denizens to conserve these ancient granite formations.

In collaboration with the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club, it is holding “Rockathon 2013” a unique event to create awareness among the people about the need to preserve the Deccan rockscapes thought to be older than the Himalayas.

On December 1, participants in the Rockathon will take part in rock walks, rappelling, scrambling and bouldering, rock climbing, slack lining, zip lining, rock shot put, rock balancing and trail run and similar adventure activities.

One can really enjoy the rush of adrenalin while taking part in some of the activities like rappelling where you get down a vertical face of the rock with rope and harness.

Bouldering and scrambling are again rock climbing activities while slack lining can be enjoyed by everybody as it is a safe and fun activity using nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points. There will be guides and trained climbers to assist the participants.

There will be creative and fun aspects through photography contest, quiz programmes, drawing and poetry contests on rocks at the Gachibowli campus of the University of Hyderabad.

“This is not going to be a competitive one only. Actually we want this to be an outdoor fun programme for the whole family, including children.

And this is aimed at creating awareness about the importance of conserving the rocks for natural beauty, ecology and adventure sports. People think these rocks have no value. So we tied up with the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club for the Rockathon,” said Frauke Quader of the Society to Save Rocks.



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