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Social media floods with protests against Nepal's controversial appointment in anti-graft body

Publication Date : 09-05-2013


In whatis clearly a new trend among the growing internet users, Nepali people have found a new way to vent their dissatisfaction over the ongoing political activity through social media.

Nepali social media users posted black marks on their Facebook and Twitter walls to express their symbolic protests against the nomination ofLokman Singh Karki as the chief of Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

Users of Facebook and Twitter believe the black marks indicate their reservations over the authority's disregard to the popular sentiment.

Karki was the chief secretary during the direct rule of then King Gyanendra Shah and was also indicted by a high-level probe commission of involvement in suppressing peaceful protests during 2006 popular movement against monarchy.

The dissatisfaction started popping up in the social media right after interim election government Chairman Khil Raj Regmi recommended Karki as the CIAA chief. However, the protest escalated exponentially after Karki was sworn in the very next day.

Social media users have protested against Prime Minister Regmi, new CIAA Chief Karki and the top political leaders involved in taking the controversial decision.


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