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Singaporeans pay big bucks to 'rent a womb'

Publication Date : 10-08-2014


Singaporeans desperate to start a family have gone to countries such as Malaysia, India, the United States and Thailand and paid six-figure sums for a stranger to carry their baby.

Those in the know say people from Singapore have been having babies through surrogate mothers for at least the past decade. And in recent years, Bangkok has become a popular place for Singaporeans to rent a womb.

One man who advertises surrogacy services is Michael Ho, who runs Singapore-based Asian Surrogates. He told The Sunday Times: "Singaporeans like to go to Bangkok as it's nearby and costs about the same as Malaysia. The Bangkok facilities are world-class and doctors are very experienced."

But he fears that may change in the wake of the Baby Gammy controversy, where a baby boy with Down syndrome was born to a young Thai surrogate and allegedly abandoned by his Australian parents.

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