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Sindh govt gives jobs to transgenders

Publication Date : 31-01-2014


The Sindh provincial government has given jobs to three transgenders in Karachi, issuing them appointment letters on Thursday.

The three include Riffy Khan, who holds a masters degree, whereas Muskaan and Anjum have both completed their schooling up to matriculation.

Speaking to Dawn, Sindh Minister for Social Welfare, Women Development and Special Education Rubina Qaim Khani said that this was the preliminary phase and that other members of the transgender community would also soon be given jobs.

Riffy Khan told Dawn: “I’m very happy that the government, while regarding us as respectable citizens of society, has provided us with jobs.”

Khan moreover expressed hope that the Sindh government would comply with the decision of the supreme court and would provide more jobs to transgenders in accordance with the quota.

This is a significant development for the marginalised community in Pakistan.

Earlier last year, members of the Khawaja Sarra (transgender or "eunuch") community were also able to vote and contest in elections as recognised members of a third gender.

In 2011, the Pakistan supreme court had ordered the government to issue them identification cards and register them as voters.


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