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Serious cyberattacks target China

Publication Date : 28-03-2014


China is still tackling the consequences of serious cyberattacks from overseas which started last year, the country’s Internet security watchdog said on Friday.

About 10.9 million computers were controlled or affected by more than 29,000 threats originating from Internet provider addresses and servers in foreign countries and regions in 2013, according to the latest statistics of the National Computer Emergency Response Team and Coordination Center of China.

The watchdog said most of the attacks - about 8,800 – came from IP addresses in the United States, affecting some 4.48 million computers in China, and many were also from IP addresses in South Korea and Hong Kong.

Cyberattacks affected more than 24,000 Chinese websites last year, including 2,430 Chinese government websites, up about 35 per cent compared to 2012.

More than 90 per cent of the affected government websites were below the provincial level.

Additionally, the center said more than 76,100 websites were invaded in “back door” attacks last year, a year on year increase of 45.6-per-cent.


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