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Samsung outpaces Apple in tablet evaluations

Publication Date : 24-03-2014


Samsung Electronics has upstaged its top global rival Apple in the tablet market, according to a US-based consumer magazine on Monday.

Consumer Reports cited Samsung's Wi-Fi-based 10.1 Galaxy Tab Pro as the best tablet PC for users for large-sized models.

It also said that the South Korean tech giant's 8.4-inch model won a comparable rating for smaller models.

As a relative newcomer to the tablet market, Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 won the combined grade of 90 in its evaluation, which compiled the device's various features including portability, resolution and convenience.

It marked the first time for the magazine to give an evaluation in 90s for tablet PCs.

Samsung's 32GB and 64GB 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro also jointly came in at second on the list of large tablets, helping Samsung dominate the peak and leaving Apple's iPad Air in fourth place.

Market researcher Strategy Analytics earlier said Samsung is expected to ship 14.6 million units of its tablet PCs in the first quarter of 2014 to take up 23.3 per cent of the global market, further narrowing its gap with Apple, whose market share was estimated at 33.2 per cent.


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