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'Sabah kidnappings related to big number of migrants'

Publication Date : 07-05-2014


The United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) is claiming that big migrant population and settlements in Sabah is causing the rise in kidnapping cases in Sabah.

Its acting president Madius Tangau said that the party believed that the people involved in the kidnappings had MyKads, which allowed them to move freely in Sabah.

“If not why would the immigration authorities continuously allow them to reside in those settlements?” he questioned.

He added that the threat posed by immigrants who fraudulently obtained MyKads was not only affecting the locals, but also the economy of the country as tourism and foreign investments would be affected.

“We urge the authorities to handle the spate of kidnapping very seriously.

“We also urge the government to release the Royal Commissioner of Inquiry’s report on illegal immigrants in Sabah as soon as possible,” Tangau said.

On the recent kidnapping of Chinese national Yang Zailin, Tangau alleged that the only way the kidnappers could have found the victim was if they have been in Sabah all along.

“Of particular concern is that the location of the kidnapping was very remote. How did they find the place?

“Could it be possible that there is a coordinated effort to conduct kidnapping activities involving Chinese national with the objectives of straining further the relationship between Malaysia and China?” he speculated.

He added that the Government should take a closer look at the issue and take into consideration Upko’s suggestion of revoking all MyKad issued in Sabah and reissuing them to those who can prove that they were true Sabahans.


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