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SEWOL DISASTER: Cause of ferry owner's death unclear, says forensic agency

Publication Date : 25-07-2014


The National Forensic Service said Friday that a three-day autopsy has not determined the cause of death of fugitive Yoo Byung-eun, the owner of the sunken ferry Sewol.

The state forensic agency said the autopsy failed due to the body’s state of heavy decay. The NFS only confirmed that the corpse, which was found on June 12 by a farmer, was that of the 73-year-old Yoo.

Concerning the liquor bottles found near the corpse, no poisonous contents were discovered, NFS officials said.

The forensic agency, which initially secured the body on Tuesday, clarified that it has found “no trace of murder.”

Some criminal profilers dismissed the possibility that the runaway committed suicide, while others raised the scenario that Yoo died a natural death from hypothermia.

Other critics have not ruled out the possibility that Yoo’s aides offered him poisoned water or other drinks.


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