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Renowned Japanese furniture brand opens first showroom in M'sia

Publication Date : 08-01-2014


The smooth, matte finishes of well crafted wooden furniture found under the Coreo Hida-Takayama brand are already well known in Japan.

The brand has opened its first showroom in Malaysia in The Curve mall in Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, as part of its plans to expand in the region. The company says that it also has plans to open a store in Singapore.

The showroom in Malaysia showcases the minimalist Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired designs that the brand is famous for.

The sleek designs in the Coreo showroom are the work of Hidakagu Ltd from Hida Takayama region in Japan and produced at their Cerubo Co Ltd factories in Vietnam.

Hidakagu employs generations of traditional Japanese craftsmanship combined with the latest technology to maintain the funiture’s high standards of quality.

The traditional techniques of wood bending and joinery are used for the production of Corea furnityre explained Cerubo director marketing manager Noriyuki Sasaki.

“Bending wood by first boiling, steaming then compressing the wood creates the beautiful curve of the furniture. So that the furniture is stronger, the wood pieces are joined through the joinery method, without the use of nails or screws,” he said.

Materials are sourced from parts of Europe, South East Asia, the US, Canada and China. Lightweight but sturdy, the pieces come in a range of textured or fine-grained woods including Malaysian and Vietnamese Rubber Wood, Black Cherry, White Ash and European Beech.

Sasaki revealed that Malaysians prefer Black Walnut and less grainy wood types with a golden hue, whereas the Japanese market prefers contrasting grainier looking wood like Oak.

The brand features a wide range of items such as coffee tables, cabinets and sideboards that complete the chic interior sets.

“Coreo means ‘this one’, a term Japanese people say when choosing an item and we are pleased to introduce the simple, compact and clean cut products to the Malaysian market. We hope more people learn about our furniture and how it mixes both Malaysian and Japanese culture,” said Sasaki.

Sasaiki added that the upholstery for Corea furniture comes from Japan and China and is made for easy reupholstering, while the wooden furniture itself does not require much maintenance.


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