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Red alert as air pollution levels spike in Taiwan

Publication Date : 05-01-2014


Air pollution reached red-alert levels in many parts of Taiwan yesterday, as large amounts of pollutants brought by the approaching cold air mass from China formed smog over the island, according to environmental authorities.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned residents against staying outdoors for extended periods of time, particularly children, elderly people and patients with heart and lung disease, who are more vulnerable to air pollution.

Many air quality monitoring stations islandwide detected high levels pollutant particles in the air, the EPA said.

Air quality started to deteriorate in many parts of northern Taiwan at 5am yesterday, and as the cold air mass from China moved southwards carrying massive amounts of pollutant particles, smog also formed over Central and Southern Taiwan, the EPA said.

According to the EPA, as of noon yesterday, pollutant particles in the air reached red-alert levels along the entire west coast. It said the smog over Taiwan will last until tomorrow, and advised residents to put on masks when going out.


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