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Philippine govt confirms nurse abducted, raped in Libya

Publication Date : 31-07-2014


The Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that a female Filipino nurse in Tripoli, Libya was abducted, raped, and then released Wednesday.

“The Filipino nurse was abducted Wednesday morning (Tripoli time) in front of her residence by four Libyan youth and taken somewhere,” DFA spokesman Charles Jose said in a text message to reporters Thursday.

“Two hours later she was released after allegedly being raped by six Libyan youth,” he said.

The Filipina was taken by the Philippine Embassy in Libya to a hospital for a medical check-up.

She is currently under the care of the embassy, Jose said.

Libya is on the verge of a civil war as rival militia groups battle for control of territory amid weak government control.

DFA has previously raised crisis alert level 4 in Libya imposing mandatory evacuation and total deployment ban of Filipino workers.
A Filipino was previously kidnapped and beheaded by militias after he was found out to be a non-Muslim.

The situation in Libya has been unstable since the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddhafi in 2011 after being in power for around 40 years.


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