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Philippine Air Force choppers grounded

Publication Date : 09-08-2014


The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has grounded its remaining Sokol helicopters while the crash of one of the choppers in Marawi City on Thursday is under investigation.

Lt. Col. Enrico Canaya, PAF spokesperson, said an investigative team was gathering data on the crash, which happened shortly after the Sokol helicopter took off from Camp Ranao.

“We immediately grounded the seven remaining helicopters after the crash. We have no initial result yet, as the team is still gathering information from the crash site,” Canaya said.

The investigative team is also looking into the extent of the damage to the helicopter to see whether it can still be repaired or should be declared no longer serviceable.

Two passengers were injured in the crash.

The PAF acquired eight Sokol helicopters last year at a cost of 2.8 billion pesos (US$63 million), including a training package and other logistical support.


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