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Pets for your personality

The website, which pet lovers can find the information on pets.

Publication Date : 20-08-2013


For some people, pets are just as important as family. Pet owners can treat their pets like their own children.


With people now searching for companions, they may want to adopt a pet but don’t yet know which type will be compatible with their personalities. The Internet provides great help in finding out which pet to buy.

Pets 101 ( is a separate link of the Animal Discovery website that features the necessary information about pets.

The site has a cat breed selector as well as a dog breed selector. The breed selector features 10 questions about one’s ideal cats or dogs ranging from size to maintenance.

Once all of the questions have been answered, the breed selector will formulate the type of dog that matches
best with one’s ideal. Other breeds that closely match will also be shared, so that one will not be forced into choosing only one type.

In addition, Pets 101 also includes topics on aquarium fish, a dogs and cats guide, general pet care, and even pet travel. These topics could be very helpful for current and future pet owners.

If one’s pet is not as mainstream as a dog or cat, there is a section that highlights unique pets like iguanas, guinea pigs and more.

This can be found in the article about the top 10 peculiar pets. The article describes the pet’s origins and maintenance, complete with a picture.

Moreover, this website also has an article about the loss of one’s pet, and how to cope with the situation.

Another pet website is, which is an American-based pet adoption site. The homepage has a section to find pets for adoption according to location, type, breed, age and gender.

One simply clicks the “find pets” link, and the page will direct to lists of specific pets for adoption. The site doesn’t only feature pets for adoption, but also articles on pet care, and categories such as “shelters & rescues”, “helping pets”, “all pet care”, and “videos.”

This will give more information about choosing a pet, and how to take care of it in the future.

The “shelters and rescues” category has articles on searching shelter and rescue groups near the site visitors. The page also has a section on starting a pet-adoption organization, and even a step-by-step procedure on making one.

To add to this detailed website, the side bar locates “pet events near you”, complete with the event description and the date.

As is only caters to readers in the US, we won’t be able to adopt a pet. However, we can use the information given in the extremely organised website to take care of our own pets.

For Indonesians, it is not hard anymore to find a pet adoption center with the availability of the Internet. Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN),, is a pet adoption website with the mission “dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in Indonesia”.

The site contains an adoption list of pets and lost animals. JAAN also features success stories of rescued animals that are now in a decent home and treated better.

Jakarta Animal Aid Network also provides a “donate now” link, where visitors can donate money to support the network to buy supplies and medical needs. People can also donate supplies, sponsor an animal’s welfare and become a member of JAAN.

JAAN has a separate link for its project to save dancing macaques, otherwise known as “topeng monyet”. The link leads to pages of articles about the success stories of former dancing macaques, and information regarding the torture of these monkeys in Indonesia.

This section gives updates on various former dancing macaques that are now free from the torture inflicted by trainers.


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