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Over 60,000 Myanmar migrant workers return from Malaysia

Publication Date : 11-01-2014


Myanmar has seen 67,225 migrant workers return from Malaysia in 2013, according to Myanmar's immigration department.

Deputy Director of Immigration, Kyaw Myint said that the Myanmar embassy in Malaysia is currently issuing Certificates of Identity (CI's) for illegal migrant workers in Malaysia to return home.

"Myanmar migrant workers who have no passports can contact Myanmar embassy. We will not take any action on them. If they believe the brokers and return home using forged passports, they will be sentenced between six-month and five-year punishment for forgery," said Kyaw Myint.

The first return of Myanmar migrant workers occurred after a spate of attacks between May 30 and first week of June last year. Free chartered flights were arranged by various charity organisations including Sitagu Sayataw and Myanmar Airways, as well businessmen and other donors.

Various national carriers, including Air Bagan, Asian Wings and Golden Myanmar airlines have also provided free travel to migrant workers who wish to return home.

More than 700,000 workers remains in Malaysia and only 330,000 have work permits.




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