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Over 50 journalists charged in Myanmar for holding a protest

Publication Date : 13-07-2014


Over 100 journalists and Michaungkan residents who staged a silent protest at the entrance road to Myanmar Peace Center while President Thein Sein was meeting with artists have been charged with Section 18 of the Peace Assembly and Peaceful Procession Law, according to respective police station.

While President Thein Sein was meeting with artists at the Myanmar Peace Center on Saturday morning, journalists from local and foreign media staged a silent protest over the imprisonment of Unity Journal’s journalists and the arrests and imprisonments of other journalists.

Residents from Michaungkan Ward 1, 2, and 3 also protested over land confiscation issues.

“Over 50 journalists and over 50 Michaungkan residents have been charged with Section 18. We do not have the right to reveal the names to the media and tell from where the journalists that have been charged are from. The regional police force will release a statement,” a police officer on duty from Kamayut Police Station said on Saturday night.

“All journalists who participated in the protest and Michaungkan residents have been charged with Section 18 because they did not apply for permission and held an illegal protest.

"The people who have been charged will be investigated through photo records. Since bail can made for this case, they will be released on bail after they have been arrested,” a senior police official from Yangon Regional Police Force told Eleven Media on Saturday night, on condition of anonymity.

The journalists have reportedly been charged under (Pa) 295/2014 Section 14 and Michaungkan protestors have been charged under (Pa) 294/2014 Section 14 at the township police station.

Ei Mon Kyaw, executive editor of Doe Taung Thu journal, which is published by People Power Media, has been rumored to be charged with Section 18. She said:” I’m sad after hearing that I’m included among those who have been charged. If I’ve been really charged, I will face the case bravely.”

“The police station did not inform me officially, but I’ve learnt from my sources that I’m included in the list (of journalists) who will be charged with Section 18. As I’ve done what I should have done, I’m ready to face it,” said Aung Thura, chief reporter of 7 Day daily newspaper.

A journalist from a foreign media said:” I’ve learnt that the special branch has included around 50 journalists in the list to open a case. The names of the journalists will be submitted after inspecting the photos and video files.”


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