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Over 1,000 Indian contractors in M'sia want direct deals from govt

Publication Date : 31-01-2014


Over 1,000 Indian contractors are appealing to the Malaysian government to award them contracts directly.

The members of the Malaysian Indian Contractors Association (PKIM) are requesting for at least 10% of government contracts to be channelled to them instead of them playing the role as sub-contractors currently.

PKIM president Sukumar Subrayalu urged government agencies to recognise them as qualified and professional builders of infrastructure and building projects.

He said the association sent a letter to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak last month to say they were worth more and sought a meeting on the matter because they were tired of just being sub-contractors.

“We are hoping to be awarded at least 10% of the projects in government-linked companies and we see this as an effective way for the Go­­vernment to develop the Indian community,” he said in a interview.

Sukumar said 95% of his members were doing jobs that were sub-contracted to them despite being qualified to handle major infra­structure work.

He said some of them were civil engineers by profession while several had obtained diplomas and were skilled graduates equivalent to Class A licensed contractors.

Sukumar said “sub-con” projects handled by most of them had landed a substantial number of them in financial trouble because of delays in payments by the main contractors.

He said there had been cases of main contractors owing members several millions of ringgit and forcing the latter to stop work in some cases.


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