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Opposition lists 100 amendments to Myanmar's constitution

Publication Date : 25-10-2013


The opposition National League for Democracy has listed more than 100 points that need to be amended in Myanmar's 2008 Constitution, party spokesperson Win Myint told Eleven Media.

The NLD MP, however, could not provide further details, as he is also a member of the Lower House’s Constitutional Review Committee, whose rules prevent him from commenting, he said.

During the previous parliamentary session, NLD chairperson Aung San Suu Kyi told journalists that suggestions for amending undemocratic points in the constitution would be submitted to the parliament.

During her two-week tour of Europe, the opposition leader has stressed the need for constitutional amendments. During a speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France on Tuesday, Suu Kyi said Myanmar needs constitutional changes that will end the military’s “special position” in politics and thus foster democracy.

When the Union Parliament formed the Constitutional Review Joint Committee on July 25, the 109-member committee included 25 military representatives and just seven from the NLD.

Currently, the NLD is discussing constitutional amendments with ethnic political parties. Together, they are collecting public opinion on whether to amend or redraft the constitution. The results will be submitted to the parliament before December 1 and the public will also be kept informed, the NLD said.

According to the constitution, if 20 per cent of all MPs propose a constitutional amendment bill, the Union Parliament will have to discuss it. To amend the constitutional articles, however, more than 75 per cent of MPs’ votes are required. Some articles, in addition to the three-quarter-majority vote by MPs, also require a more than 50-per-cent vote in a nationwide referendum to effect the change.


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