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New submersible planned

Publication Date : 11-12-2013


China is developing a manned submersible suitable for depths of 4,500 metres and the project is expected to be completed by 2016.

"The key parts of the submersible, including the vehicle's pressure hull made of titanium alloy, and batteries, will be designed and manufactured by China independently," said Hu Zhen, a senior engineer with China Shipbuilding Industry Corp who is in charge of the programme He said 90 per ent of the submersible's components will be made in China, adding that Chinese scientists have been studying the key technologies such as materials and batteries.

"We hope a mother ship will also be designed and manufactured for the new submersible to guarantee its future operations," Hu said.

As China's second manned submersible, he said the new one will be easier and more comfortable for the crew to operate with five windows for observing the ocean depths.

Liu Feng, director of the National Deep Sea Centre said 4,500 metre is a good choice, because studies show most deep-sea mineral resources are 4,000 metres below sea level.

Jiaolong, the nation's first manned submersible, made a record dive to a depth of 7,062 metre last year.



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