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Netizens slam M'sian assemblyman over Sinhalese remark on Facebook

Publication Date : 30-01-2014


Netizens are up in arms over a Malaysian opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) assemblyman’s Facebook update saying the posting is discriminatory towards the Sinhalese in the country.

They accused Sabai assemblyman Kamache Doray Rajoo of being a racist for proudly stating that she had refused to use the services of a tailor in Karak because the man was a Sinhalese.

Her posting on Monday said: “The tailor spoke Tamil but not fluently. I asked if he is from Kerala. He said he was from Sri Lanka. I asked if he is a Tamil. He replied NO. Are you a Singhalese I asked. He said yes. I immediately packed my sarees and walked off. In Sri Lanka you guys rape Tamil women but here you want to make dresses for them?”

Facebook users took her to task, saying her actions were discriminatory and xenophobic.

Dorian Wilde said that while he supported the Tamils in Sri Lanka, “discriminating Sinhalese people won’t help us in the long run. After all, not all Sinhalese people were involved in the atrocities against the Sri Lankan Tamils. If we decide to hate Sinhalese people, then we are no better than the racists in Malaysia who hate Indians because they think all of us are involved in gangs.”

Popular blogger SK Durai criticised Kamache, asking “how can you judge a person because of his ethnicity? ”

When contacted, Kamache said she was entitled to her point of view.

“I don’t care. I didn’t assault the tailor or tell people to stop going to him. It is my right to walk away, and it’s my right to update Facebook as I see fit.”


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